Spring Update 2017 – Embracing Hope Ethiopia

Take a quick moment to read the letter below from our friends at Embracing Hope Ethiopia and open the attached PDF’s for a quick update about the families Journey sponsors.

PDF Family Updates

>> Lemlem and Getachew
>> Tarike and Yiref
>> Embracing Hope Ethiopia’s Website

Letter from Embracing Hope Ethiopia

Dear Friends,

Again we want to thank you for your commitment to sponsoring a family at Embracing Hope. Your prayers and support are making a huge difference in the lives of families. We are so privileged to walk alongside these families as they face many ups and downs. And we are blessed that you walk alongside of us and them, too.

You will find attached the latest update for the family you sponsor. As always, if you have any questions, please email April, our Sponsorship Coordinator and we’ll try to assist you however we can.

We hope that we’ll bump into many of you along the way this summer as our family tours the United States (and Ontario) sharing about Embracing Hope and trying to engage more family sponsors.

We appreciate you.

His and yours,
Jerry Shannon
Embracing Hope


Doors Unlocked – Journey Women’s Event

We never have to worry or wonder if God will show up when we choose to make time for Him. 111 women chose to take a Saturday morning and just be surrounded by His love and grace.

I know that faith was restored, friendships made and prayers requested and received. Linda Buckle gave a beautiful and empowering message about 5 things she wished she could go back and tell her younger self. It’s so important for all of us to realize that we can change at any point. Her advice and suggestions applied to so many different walks in life at any age. We are never too old or broken or stuck to learn.

The church gave each woman a key necklace to take home; this gift has two meanings. When Bekah started praying about the brunch early in the year, something symbolizing family kept coming to her. Someone suggested a key necklace and she loved it. The key on the necklace represents a key to our family’s house – the church. Every woman belongs to this church and the key represents that we take ownership in that. We are all here to help each other and to support one another. The women of Journey are a family of faith.

Awhile later, Pastor Shawn preached about three things God told him that our church would be doing and one of those was that He would give us a key to a new door. It was as if God was confirming that the key necklaces would be an important part of the brunch and that He intended to use it to open doors. The door could be a calling, an anointing, an experience, a future or a perspective; every woman’s door might be different and we’d love to hear what door you feel God has opened for you as a result of this experience.

If you didn’t receive a key necklace (or weren’t able to be at the brunch), additional ones have been ordered and we would love to get you one.

Lastly, we would love to thank everyone who helped bring this brunch from an idea to a reality. So many women (and men) contributed from setting up, baking, ministering, inviting and leading that a huge thank you to everyone is necessary.

Women of Journey, the spark has been kindled and God is ready to provide the flames if you are willing to walk through that door. Are you ready to take the first step?

Journey Brunch Event - Womens Ministry in Liberty, Missouri

Journey Brunch Event - Womens Ministry in Liberty, Missouri

Journey Brunch Event - Womens Ministry in Liberty, Missouri

Journey Brunch Event - Womens Ministry in Liberty, Missouri

Journey Brunch Event - Womens Ministry in Liberty, Missouri

Journey Brunch Event - Womens Ministry in Liberty, Missouri

Journey Brunch Event - Womens Ministry in Liberty, Missouri

Journey Brunch Event - Womens Ministry in Liberty, Missouri


Hillcrest Hope Graduation Party – Sponsored by Journey

Journey Church recently sponsored the Graduation Party for our resident Sarah and her 2-year-old daughter.

Sarah, accepted the helping hand that Hillcrest Hope and Journey Church offered her. In 4 months (with her termination) she was able to pay off thousands of dollars of debt and save over two thousand dollars to start her new life.

She has a great attitude and accepted the financial changes and challenges that were set down for her. Through the small strides every week at the end of her four months she met all of the goals that had been set for her.

She has seen the love that Journey Church has for all people, and the party allowed Journey to plant the seeds of faith with all of the tenants who attended from Hillcrest.

I want to thank everyone who helped with the party, food and gifts. I thank everyone who helps this ministry throughout the year.

Julie Avila


Hillcrest Hope Graduation

The day has finally arrived! Sarah, the lady that Journey Church is assisting, is graduating!!!!! What a wonderful thing for her and her daughter.

What does this mean?

Sarah’s family can start their new life in their own apartment. Sarah has been an excellent student on learning how to budget her funds, on saving for the rainy days that will appear, on holding down a steady job, etc..

Since Sarah lives in the Journey Church sponsored apartment, we will be sponsoring her graduation party. All of the current tenants of Hillcrest Hope (Liberty location) will be invited. Journey will get to show all of the love that a sponsor church can show others.

We will have finger foods and also give Sarah some gifts that she can take to her new apartment. Since she was homeless she does need many things to start her new life.

Can you step forward and bless Sarah? Here is some of the things that she has asked for. (No used items, please.) If you are unable to bless Sarah with a gift you could give a gift card or a cash donation. Every penny helps.

  • Hangers
  • Toliet paper
  • Toliet Brush
  • Shower Curtain
  • Flatwear for 4
  • Set of dishes for 4 (20 piece set)
  • Kitchen towels/potholders
  • Bath towels
  • Measuring cups
  • Measurings spoons
  • Veggie Peeler
  • Bucket
  • Mop
  • Garbage bags

All donations can be brought to the Welcome desk – deadline is April 9th, 2017. Please PM me if you have any questions.

Thank you,
Julie Avila
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Hillcrest Hope Update – March 2017

Hi everyone. It’s been a while since I last updated you on our tenant, Sarah and her daughter, who occupy the Journey Church sponsored apartment at Hillcrest Hope. Sarah is very close to completing the program.

What does this mean? It means that on a weekly basis she and I have met to work on a budget and set financial goals that will help fight the homelessness that she has known in the past. This teaches her to live on a budget where tough choices have to be made. Her attitude has been so opening and welcoming to a new way of doing things and she has been a pleasure to work with. She realizes and accepts the missteps taken in the past and is ready for a bright future.

Every time we are together I take time out to speak to her about how much better her life would be if she invited God into it. I realize that I am only planting the seeds. She has remarked a number of times that she is surprised by what a church family like Journey Church does for others in their outreach programs.

Equally important to the weekly meetings is the fact that my co-volunteer, (don’t know for sure this is a word, but bear with me), Alexa, is taking care of the little one so that Sarah and I can discuss the hard things.

I am hoping that Sarah will be ready to graduate in about 6 weeks. Journey Church will then sponsor a graduation party for her. All of the tenants at Hillcrest Hope will be invited and we get to plant even more seeds.

Please think about serving in this ministry. It is sometimes very challenging but can also be very fulfilling as well. I can plug you in to the area that best fits your needs.

Julie Avila

Hillcrest Hope Thrift Store Liberty MissouriHillcrest Hope Thrift Store Liberty Missouri

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