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This is a Journey Story about healing from T. Frederick. You will find pictures of her and her family below the story.

As some of you know, I got COVID at the end of October. I had a relatively mild case overall (largely thanks to my asthma meds). But after, I couldn’t shake fatigue and this hypoxic feeling. It slowly improved and became more intermittent but was still there.

I couldn’t do too much activity, I would feel like I was going to pass out if I sang or talked too much, and many other things. I saw all of my doctors and discovered that there was nothing that they could find to explain what I was dealing with. It was deemed post-covid syndrome and they don’t know enough yet to come up with anything to help.

Then, we went to church on Saturday night on March 28th; almost 5 months to the day of my positive test. Our pastor was speaking on how God still heals. To be honest, I have struggled with this. Not with believing He still heals, but that He would heal me or use me in healing. I have struggled with praying for healing for others/praying over people and seeing them not get better or die. I have been prayed over myself for a few things and they were not healed. Mind you, I know logically that those experiences are not an indicator of what He can do and has nothing to do with my effort. But, it caused questions nonetheless.

Our pastor asked if anyone needed healing or to be set free, to come and be prayed for. We had “just happened” to get there where the only seats left were in the front. As the sermon was going on, I knew I needed to go forward again about the post-covid stuff; regardless of my doubts and fears. So, I did. I felt the power in the prayer unlike any time before.

Now, the issues I had were not constant, so I couldn’t tell anything right away. I waited for awhile for my symptoms to show up. But, they have not come back since!! I have been able to do the things that I could not (mind you that I have to rebuild all of my strength from not lifting for 5 months). I was healed! No more post-covid syndrome!

I know I should have posted this sooner in praise. But, honestly, I needed to be sure it was real and it wasn’t coming back. I’m still working on trusting it daily. But, it hasn’t come back! What an amazing thing!

For anyone who has questions about this or has lost someone after prayers upon prayers, this message is for you. Do I still struggle with this concept? Absolutely. Pain, grief, and trauma all influence how and why I wrestle with this. But, God is so loving and patient. He nudges me forward in faith at the right moments, listens to my questions, and gives me what I need.

Here is the message our pastor gave that night.

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